Visiting the Farm

Our Farm

While we would love to show off the farm, we simply do not have the time and are not set up to provide private tours during working farm hours. We are a working farm, every minute of the day is planned. Our farm is full of hazards, we are not child proofed, and someone could easily get hurt in the blink of an eye. When you come to our Farm Front Porch Market Hours, there are ropes and cones blocking off areas of the farm for this reason. Please do not enter blocked off areas when coming to pick up your products. We are only open for tours through Airbnb Experiences, or during our Farm Days. For more information about our Airbnb Experiences and Farm Days, visit our Airbnb Page.

If you are looking for a local farm and petting zoo, we highly recommend HorsePower for Kids Animal Sanctuary.

Farm Front Porch Market Hours:

Please pull into the barn driveway and PARK ON YOUR IMMEDIATE LEFT! It will be the second one on your left and it is an unpaved driveway. Please do not continue down the driveway with any vehicle, block the driveway, or park off our property. If there is a lot of traffic, please follow the instructions of the parking attendant.

You can walk through the wooden entry gate on the FAR right. When you come to our Farm Front Porch Market Hours, there are ropes and cones blocking off areas of the farm for a reason. Please do not enter blocked off areas when coming to pick up your products. We ask that you walk up to the barn front porch where you can ring the bell (yes, a literal bell) and someone will come to help you.

Please do not let your children loose! There are many hazards on the farm and it would break our hearts if anything happened. We have no liability insurance so enter at your own risk! Unattended children will be gifted with two kittens, a super large Mountain Dew and allowed to climb the manure pile! Just kidding, but you catch the drift…

Again, we ask that you please do not pass beyond the rope in the barnyard or the gates. We are only open for viewing the animals during Farm Days and the Airbnb Experiences.

Last, please do not bring your furry friends, as we already have too many of them!

Airbnb Experiences:

We offer Farm Tours through Airbnb Experiences! All tours must be scheduled through Airbnb Experiences!

The walking tour starts at the duck enclosure (they are up front) and continues with a look at our prize-winning chickens! You will learn about the various breeds and why we have them (production and show) and we will show you how we gather eggs from the nests. Next, we will continue to the barn area where we will first visit with our dry stock (non-milking). I will explain the different breeds of goats, their origins, and show the difference between our dry goats and our milking line. Guests will be allowed to pet the animals and we will supply animal cookies for you to feed them. You will have the opportunity to pet, snuggle and love on the goats.

From time to time there are baby goats, ducks, chicks, and bunnies. We cannot plan what we will have at any one time, but we foster cats so most of the time there are kittens to see. If we have baby goats, guests can learn to bottle feed the babies if they wish. Guests will view the milking parlor and we will explain how we produce the milk from beginning to end. The tour will conclude with a sampling of fresh artisan cheese made here on the farm! The tour lasts approximately 2 hours, with the last 20 minutes spent sampling our various goat cheeses and products.

Schedule your tour at Airbnb Experiences.

Farm Day

Two days a year we put our best “hoof” forward, spiff up the farm, and invite our friends and customers in for Farm Day! We have live music, food available for purchase, our products available for sale, as well as several vendors who share our sustainable green mission. Our Team Members on site can answer any questions you may have about the farm, provide milking demonstrations, and an opportunity to meet and interact with the animals.

As you roam around the barnyard, you will meet the girls that produce the milk, the Goosepack, Muffy the Feline Farm Supervisor, Grandpa JJ the rescued alpaca and baby goat babysitter, Tommy Turkey and his harem, and all the other critters. We like to showcase not only our animals, but also our Team Members on Farm Day and show our gratitude for their dedication to a job well done! Overall, it is a fun day for all with educational opportunities, food and music!

Volunteer at The Dancing Goat

Our team is minimal, overwhelmed with things to do, and always struggling to find enough time to finish our work throughout the day. Want to help? Check out our Volunteer page! We have a minimum age of 15, and only take individuals interested in long-term volunteering, no skills required.

HorsePower for Kids

HorsePower for Kids & Animal Sanctuary is our favorite local farm and Petting zoo! They are a local non-profit farm and petting zoo where you will find a variety of animals, including some Dancing Goats! They offer fun, educational opportunities for children and adults to interact with and care for animals that have been rescued from a variety of situations. We highly recommend you visit them! For more information visit their website at HorsePower For Kids, or facebook page @HorsePowerforKids.

Questions? Contact us!

Our preferred method of communication is by email. If you have any questions or would like to place orders, please email us!