A New Commitment

I know that customers know that I don’t sit around watching the soaps and eating bon bons (what really IS a bon bon?) but just to let those non-farm savvy folks know the real workings of the farm I will try to end many evenings with a short blog to wrap up the day.

Today was of epic proportions.  I have had the joy of being picked apart at the seams by two teams of management students at the University of Tampa – The Syndicate and Empruv.  They spent time with me at market and visited the farm.  Their initial questions started my wheels turning and their presentations tonight were superb and eye opening.  They identified the strengths and weaknesses of The Dancing Goat (more about those in time as I implement their suggestions) and how to work with them.

The Empruv Team wrote a mission statement for me that must have been straight from my heart.  I had tears in my eyes when it was read.   They have given me permission to adopt it.  Just wait until we hit the big time one day – they can take all the credit.

Here goes…..

“Our mission is to provide the most high quality, delicious, and healthy products while showing the individual love and care that each animal deserves.

Quality is paramount and we personally stand behind our products.

We are committed to growing a relationship with our customers and educating the next generation in responsible agriculture.

Our hearts are set on sustainability and creative green innovation that eliminates waste.”

Isn’t that just a wordsmith masterpiece?   They listened to everything I was expressing with our time together and really “got it”.

Thank you to both teams for all your insight and hard work.

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