Tour our Farm

Tour our farm through AirBNB experiences. Meet the animals, try our products, and learn what it takes to become a farmer!

Visiting the Farm

While we would love to show off the farm, we simply do not have the time and are not set up to provide private tours during working farm hours or outside of AirBNB. Even if you show up at the farm to look around, we cannot take you around and hate to disappoint you.

At least a few times a week I am asked to provide tours for folks that would love to see the farm, bring their homeschool group, bring the grandkids and just spend a few hours to learn how to run a dairy. Really, in just a couple hours? I hope you will read through this with an open and understanding mind.

This is a working farm. In a working farm every minute of every day (and more) is planned and busy with trying to keep ahead of the repairs, animals care, cleaning, orders, paperwork, cheeses, yogurt, kefir preparations and about every other detail you can dream up. A farm is full of hazards to the normal person and NOT child proofed in any sense of the word. Someone could easily get hurt in the blink of an eye.

Showing off the farm takes time from work. If one of our team spends a couple hours with you, the work still must be done and while you are home enjoying dinner and a movie, someone here is burning the midnight oil catching up from the time lost that day. Our team is minimal, overwhelmed with things to do and we are always struggling with time as our biggest enemy. Want to help and see the workings? Be a LONG TERM volunteer (minimum age 15)! No skills required. With no liability insurance for tours, it is a risk that we cannot afford to take. After a couple bad experiences in the early years, my husband and attorney have put their foot down and ceased the individual tours.

So when you call to come visit the farm with the grandkids, to see what we do or even bring your girlfriend for her birthday because she absolutely LOVES goats, remember my first thought is “sure, come on over” but unfortunately there just isn’t enough staff or time to be able to accommodate those requests, and of course there is that pesky insurance (or lack of) issue. We highly recommend HorsePower for Kids & Animal Sanctuary (just a couple miles from our farm) or Bell Family Farm and Sanctuary in Lakeland area – both where you will also find some Dancing Goats!

But don’t be discouraged, We do tours through AirBNB Experiences ( They have provided us with insurance and it is a two hour tour (not a stayover) that is wrapped up with a tasting of our products. Got family coming in? Been to Busch and Disney the last 7 years? Shake it up a little and come visit the farm. Tours are available most Tuesdays and Thursdays only and a max of ten guests. We have a calendar on our AirBNB page which tells the available dates. We are always grateful for our AirBNB guests!

Farm Front Porch Market Hours

Parking instructions:
Please pull into the barn driveway and PARK ON YOUR IMMEDIATE LEFT! It will be the second one on your left and it is an unpaved driveway. Please do not continue down the driveway with any vehicle, block the driveway, or park off our property. If there is a lot of traffic, please follow the instructions of the parking attendant. 

You can walk through the wooden entry gate on the FAR right. When you come to our Farm Front Porch Market Hours, there are ropes and cones blocking off areas of the farm for a reason. Please do not enter blocked off areas when coming to pick up your products. We ask that you walk up to the barn front porch where you can ring the bell (yes, a literal bell) and someone will come to help you. 

Please do not let your children loose! There are many hazards on the farm and it would break our hearts if anything happened. We have no liability insurance so enter at your own risk! Unattended children will be gifted with two kittens, a super large Mountain Dew and allowed to climb the manure pile! Just kidding, but you catch the drift…

Again, we ask that you please do not pass beyond the rope in the barnyard or the gates. We are only open for viewing the animals during the AirBNB Experiences.

Farm Day

We will no longer be continuing Farm Days. It was a great educational experience for the family to learn about caring for the animals and the work required to run a farm. Unfortunately the Farm Days rarely broke even and were an expense that we could not continue.